VoiceThread in Action!

Recently, I created a German-language VoiceThread project that asks my students to tackle a question related to their current unit: the Middle Ages.  I have attached a link to the VoiceThread here along with a translation of the content so that viewers are able to understand and respond to the information provided.

*Note: The pacing is slow so as to allow for my German 3 students to easily understand vocabulary and structures.  Additionally, the slides each incorporate some bit of thematic and/or content knowledge from previous units and courses in the German program.

Das Mittelalter: Wie konnte man ein gutes Leben haben?

Title / Essential Question: "The Middle Ages: How could one live a good life?"

Slide 1: Hello and welcome to the Middle Ages.  The Middle Ages were a very interesting time.  Here, for example, we can see many different people from the Middle Ages.  There is a king, a duke, a knight, a bishop and many farmers and their families.  Who had a lot of money?  Who didn't?  What can we actually say about these people?

Slide 2: Life for women in the Middle Ages was somewhat different than it is today.  How did they dress?  What did they do all day?  What were their routines?  How many rights did they have?

Slide 3: What kind of a role did religion play in the Middle Ages?  What kind of people were very religious?  What were the different popular religions in the Middle Ages?

Slide 4: What happened in the Middle Ages when someone was sick?  Did they have doctors or medicine? What was healthcare like in the Middle Ages?

Slide 5: What did the people in the Middle Ages eat and drink?  How healthy or unhealthy were these items?  Where did they find food and drink?

Slide 6: There are many more questions about the Middle Ages.  For example, did children go to school?  And if they did, what was school like?  What did they learn?  How did people work and what kind of jobs did they have?  What did people do for fun?

Slide 7: The big question for this unit is: "How could one live a good life in the Middle Ages?"  Think about the themes in this Slideshow when you attempt to answer the question.


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