Everyone wants to feel special--so let them

That HI JOSLIN! at the beginning of your welcome video was the best thing about it! I wasn't expecting that--I was expecting same kind of canned thing that you send out to everyone. But that really made me feel good. I was so excited, thinking... 'She made this video JUST FOR ME?'

As an instructional designer, I use Screencastify, a simple Google Chrome extension, to personalize the delivery of my digital course development kit to new instructors before our first (virtual or face-to-face) meeting. I address them by name, walk them through the Google Drive folders I have set up for their course and then reassure them that I'm flexible, easily accessible and am here to help them succeed. 

There are many screencasting tools out there, but here are some features specific to Screencastify that I enjoy:
  • easily/quickly accessible as a Chrome browser extension
  • free version provides up to ten minutes of video per recording (more than enough!)
  • includes options to record a tab, your full desktop or record using your webcam
  • automatically saves to your Google Drive account, where you can customize access 
  • option to upload to YouTube, where you can add closed captions and curate a collection of saved and/or reusable resources

When I met with our new adjunct instructor, Joslin, she reported feeling significantly less anxious and even very confident about handling new course development as a direct result of this practice. This made for a very smooth and easy first work session with both of us largely on the same page before we even said hello.

We know that personalizing content is a great strategy when working with students. But it's also effective to consistently individualize our communication and with colleagues, administrators and supervisors. People want to be acknowledged for their unique character and skills. They want to feel appreciated, be understood and feel confident in their ability to add value to whatever it is you're doing.

It is always worth investing the time to make the people you work with feel good.


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